Dating an HIV Positive Person to find true love

Dating an HIV Positive

Love is a beautiful feeling that can be experienced with anyone you can feel an instant connection with but, what will you do if you or your partner is affected with HIV? Is it the end of the world? The answer is no, because everyone has the right to experience love and have a fulfilling relationship. It is true that Dating an HIV Positive is not easy and you need to be extra affectionate and comfort your partner in every situation’s.  You need to be there for your partner and support them in order to stabilize their mental well being.


There are certain factors that you should keep in mind while dating someone with HIV. Considering these factors is important for a fulfilling relationship.


This is one of the most important factors to be considered while dating someone with HIV. It does not matter whether you are affected or your partner. The most important thing is acceptance for each other. You need to accept each other the way you are and also the situation you both are facing. This will help you solve the problem in a positive light.


Communication plays a very important role in the relationship. You need to talk about your problems and issues openly with your partner. Strong communication will build a strong bond between you and your partner.


Apart from emotions you also need to be a little practical for the safety and wellness of your partner. You need to use proper protection and consult a doctor for further guidance. HIV virus does not spread by kissing but, it can be transmitted by other body fluids like semen, breast milk and blood. You should always use proper protection if you are dating someone with HIV.


Marriage is definitely possible with an HIV positive partner but, you need to get proper guidance and counseling from an expert. you should be mentally and physically prepared for it If a pregnancy occurs you can always consult a doctor and take proper medication to ensure the safety of your baby.


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